Clyst Heath School, Exeter

Description of the works

Clyst Heath School was the first completely new school in Exeter for some 30 years. Following framework procurement advice and consultancy work for Devon County Council Gates were asked to become involved with the project and take it forward as a demonstration project under PPC2000.

Gates were the only member of the Project Team who were familiar with the PPC2000 and part of our role was to provide the team with partnering advice and take the project forward in a collaborative and open manner.

At the time we became involved the project was over budget and unacceptable to the planning authority. The Project Team rose to the challenge and delivered a quality building, on time and below budget. Through the risk sharing philosophy the Client and Contractor both shared in the financial savings. 

Gates Services:

Project Manager; Client Representative; Partnering Advisor


Devon Property Practice

Principal Contractor:

Interserve Projects