Duncombe Avenue & Chatsworth Gardens, Plymouth

Description of the works

The project comprised of six new houses in two groups of three on the sites of blocks of garages.  The garages were demolished a few years ago and the two sites had become a management problem for the local authority.

The three houses at Duncombe Avenue are built in chalet form with rooms in the roof to reduce their overall impact on the neighbouring properties.  They are grouped around the access lane in a form of informal close providing a sheltered environment for children to play away from traffic.

The three houses at Chatsworth Gardens are in a row.  The gardens behind these houses drop away and the patios are formed as a terrace behind the houses with a spectacular outlook.  The houses are finished in cedar cladding and render to pick up the local features.

Gates Services:

Employers Agent

Quantity Surveyor

CDM Co-ordinator


Mitchell Architects

Principal Contractor:

J & E Regan