Raglan Barracks, Plymouth

Description of the works

The project comprised the demolition of the existing Raglan Barracks building, a former naval barracks, and the construction and completion of 24 new dwellings comprising 7 new 2 bedroom, 14 new 3 bedroom and 3 new 4 bedroom general needs dwellings.

The development comprised a quadrangle around which were centred two and three storey dwellings, replicating the form and layout of the historic Naval Barracks.  The development provides an open and pleasant environment into which residents were decanted during the initial Devonport redevelopments.

This project was a trailblazer for development in Devonport and it’s success acted as a catalyst for the subsequent redevelopment which followed.

Gates Services:

Employer’s Agent


Mitchell Architects Ltd

Principal Contractor:

Midas Homes Ltd