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Contract Administration

The role of Contract Administrator involves managing and administering the terms and conditions of the building contract between the Employer and the Contractor. This means acting as the agent of the Client in some circumstances, but also making impartial decisions in others. The obvious contradiction of this ‘dual’ role can sometimes give rise to difficult issues, which means that experience and understanding of the building processes and their potential pitfalls is essential in successfully fulfilling this role.

The responsibilities of the Contract Administrator will be defined by the particular form of building contract used and the professional appointment under which the Contract Administrator is appointed, however, the key qualities required of a Contract Administrator can be summarised as follows:

Gates Consultants have a long history in providing this role across many different types and sizes of construction projects. Any prospective Client can be confident that our knowledge and experience will ensure that a building contract (whatever form it may take) is correctly administered and relationships are sensitively managed, which will greatly improve the likelihood of the successful delivery of a project.