Gates Consultants Quantity Surveyors based in Devon - Cost Planning & Management

Cost Planning & Management

Cost planning and management are key processes in ensuring that costs are controlled during the design development stage. Architects have the creative vision and flair to produce exciting designs, but they also require the expertise of a Quantity Surveyor to inform them of the costs associated with achieving those ambitions. Working together as a team from the outset is the best way to ensure that Client's requirements are well detailed, the scope of works are fully identified and realistic budgets are set.

The initial cost plan is the platform, or baseline for controlled design development and provides an essential tool that enables a project to be delivered within a Clients budget. As well as being a key document, the process of developing a cost plan often highlights areas of risk and uncertainty and may well help clarify the team’s thinking on issues of scope, specification and programme. By using and continually updating the cost plan during all stages of the project, but in-particular during design development and the procurement process, costs can be successfully managed rather than just reported.

"I am so thankful that I appointed Gates Consultants. As soon as they got involved in the scheme it became apparent that my original design could not be delivered without significantly exceeding my budget. They saved me the cost of their fee many times over."