Gates Consultants Quantity Surveyors based in Devon - Partnering Advice

Partnering Advice

Gates Consultants have been appointed on several projects in the role of Client Representative under the PPC 2000 Form of Contract. The Client Representative role is similar to that of a Project Manager, acting for the the Client and exercising any discretion fairly and constructively.  With our extensive experience of this contract, we often undertake the role of Partnering Advisor, where we are appointed as an independent consultant sitting outside of the Partnering Team, offering guidance and support in the partnering relationship and procedures.

Based on our knowledge and experience of partnership contracts, we have held presentations and seminars to help Clients better understand the partnering ethos and the best ways to effectively manage a partnering contract.  We have also undertaken seminars and provided specific advice for implementation and administration of the NEC 3 Contract under a partnering arrangement.